Brand Highlight: Liquid Intellect

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Brand Highlight: Liquid Intellect

One of the most innovative alcoholic brands on the market, Liquid Intellect formed in 2017 by friends, Charles and Eleanor. Forever passionate about drinks, their goal was to create a Ready to Drink (RTD) that’s cool, interesting and unusual. That they did.

Now available in four delicious flavours, these pre-mixed cocktails are each made with real ingredients and have reinvented the classics with their unmistakable style.


Cookie Dough Old Fashioned

American whiskey, vanilla and filtered water from the basis of this cocktail and with the addition of distilled chocolate cookie, it’s a brand-new take on the timeless cocktail.


Pina Colada Punch

Cuban rum, pineapple and coconut. This delicious cocktail everyone enjoys by the pool is reinvented by the team at Liquid Intellect by adding real pineapple that has been charred, blended and mixed with a milk wash. No cream means it is less heavy and therefore uber easy to drink.


Jam Doughnut Negroni

Campari, vermouth and filtered water are combined with distilled strawberry jam doughnuts and gin making this the most delicious cocktail. Sweet, sticky and moreish! 


Banana Bread Manhattan

Real banana, whiskey, cognac and vermouth create this dessert flavoured cocktail that smells amazing and tastes even better – the perfect level of sweet. Enjoyed by everyone. 


Based in Soho, dream team Charles and Eleanor also run a consultancy, working on projects to design drinks and concepts for a range of bars across London and a well-known supermarket that, in 2018, launched a Jaffa Cake cocktail.

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Jessica Lester