5 Twists on a Classic Gin & Tonic

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5 Twists on a Classic Gin & Tonic

You would have had to be living under a rock to not know the explosion gin has made in recent years. No longer associated with your aunt June at the pub, a G&T is the tipple of choice for a new generation. First introduced in India during the 18th century, the combination of gin and tonic came about when members of the East India Company found the quinine added to tonic water was too bitter and so created their own concoction of  water, sugar, lime – and the aforementioned quinine –  to make the drink easier to drink due to less bitterness.

Since then, there has been many an ingredient brought the glass and with more ways than ever to enjoy this ever-popular cocktail.

To celebrate the nation's favourite spirit, we share our musings on 5 twists on the classic gin and tonic.


Cucumber & Rosemary

Cucumber tonic is now readily available so this can be used if you prefer an alcoholic beverage without a snack, however, a slither of cucumber and a sprig or two of rosemary will bring a gin and tonic alive and further penetrate the flavours of the gin on your tongue.

50ml Tanqueray Gin

150ml tonic water

2 sprigs of rosemary

1 cucumber

1 lime


Hendrick’s, Mediterranean Tonic & Orange

A favourite amongst a member of our team, this was first discovered when they asked a friend who was on their way to the bar, to surprise them with a gin drink. Trust us when we say that it is delicious; the fruit and citrus elements of the tonic water working together perfectly and smoothly with this Fever tree favourite. Highly recommended.

50ml Hendrick’s Gin

200ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

A wedge of fresh orange


Coastal, Tonic & Lemon

Tried and tested. Due to its blend of botanicals, including sea buckthorn, seaweed and blackberry, Coastal Distillery Coastal Gin, doesn’t need much more of a garnish that a wedge of lemon (or raspberry for a sweeter option), a high quality Indian tonic water and generous helping of ice. Simple, elegant and totally moreish!

50ml Coastal Distillery Coastal Gin

200ml Tonic Water

A wedge of fresh lemon

4-5 ice cubes


Juniper Berries

Though most gins contain the botanical ingredient of juniper, adding the natural form to your gin and tonic adds a level of aromatic sweetness or pepperiness. Hendrick’s or similar such as Silent Pool or Martin Miller’s, work well for this recipe.

To create, fill a glass with ice cubes, add the gin and tonic followed by a disc of lime, shaving of lemon zest, verbena leaf (or thyme) and a scattering of berries to serve. This mixture also makes for a great alcohol-free alternative.

50ml Hendrick’s, Silent Pool or Martin Miller’s Gin

150ml Tonic Water  

3-5 juniper berries

1 lime

1 lemon verbena leaf

The zest of a lemon



If you have more of a sweet tooth and prefer a less bitter gin and tonic, a fruity addition can often make a more palatable to perhaps the not so avid gin drinker. Create a blend of your own with soft mango or pineapple or even a crisp circle of apple – this will also add a certain bite to the drink.

Bitter fiends no need to miss out either – cranberry or grapefruit will heighten the natural bitterness of tonic.

There really are fewer combinations better than gin and tonic – a refreshing drink that we welcome you to rework to suit your palette.

50ml Gin of your choice

1 Mango, Pineapple or apple

25ml cranberry or grapefruit juice


Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin

Verano Spanish Watermelon Gin

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Premium Gin

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin

Pink Royal Gin


 Happy Drinking!


Jessica Lester