10 Secret London Pubs To Visit

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10 Secret London Pubs To Visit

London is full of great pubs. From Soho to the East End, there’s no where better to enjoy a beverage than the great city of London. Finding somewhere unique and secretive is a little harder, but well worth it for a night with a twist. We’re helping you find 10 secret London pubs that are worth the detective work.

1. The Bootlegger

The Bootlegger london

This is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet cocktail or a roaring evening with friends. Inspired by the sultry and mysterious 1920s glamour, this spot feels very secret. Very vintage and full of underground charm, The Bootlegger is a lovely secret spot, nestled nicely in the heart of London.

2. Opium

Opium London

Soho has its fair share of wonderful establishments, but Opium is one to try. It’s a unique experience, and will test your patience as you try to find it. Whilst it’s perfectly located on  Gerrard Street, the front door isn’t what you’d expect from an Asian cocktail bar. Once you’ve found the green door and made it up the huge staircase you’ll be greeted by a lifted location.

3. Keystone Crescent

Keystone Crescent London

Kings Cross used to have a bit of a reputation for being dodgy, but as the years have gone by it’s become a trendy spot to enjoy a tipple. This beautiful secret bar is shrouded in mystery, with a secret grey door and a keypad to let yourself in. If you’re looking for a members club feel, this is it.

4. The Vault

The Vault London

If you live in London you may have heard about this secret spot in the heart of Soho. It’s famous for its very instagrammable entrance, which is covered by a bookcase. If you’re into your whiskey then you will love it here as it’s home to Milroy’s the whiskey specialist.

5. By Appointment Only

By Appointment Only London

As the name suggests, this bar requires a bit of preplanning and booking, but it’s well worth it. The space is luxurious and will suit those who like opulence and glamour. It is a converted Turkish Bath House, so if you’re looking for an open, stylish space to kick back and relax in, this secret bar is perfect.

6. Discount Suit Company

Discount Suit Company London Bar

The name itself throws most people off before they even start searching for this hidden gem. Disguised as a tailor shop in Spitalfields, this bar is famous for its difficult entrance and low ceilings that make it feel like you’re doing something sneaky. Recommended for those who like their cocktails to be a little bit different, and crafted with an edgy of professionalism.

7. La Cabina

La Cabina London Bar

Hoxton based La Cabina is a tapas bar with a difference. The glorious cocktails and live music make this a must-visit venue, and if you like to enjoy tapas as you drink then you’re in luck. The food is renowned for being fabulous, and it’s one of the only places in London that you can get tapas at 5am. The only tricky bit is finding it - you have to dial the right number on the phone box first…

8. Happiness Forgets

Happiness Forgets

This Shoreditch based basement bar is every Londoners go to if they’re looking for something a little different. It’s super popular and has a great vibe most evenings, owing to its classy decor and tentative staff. You’ll need to do your research if you’re to locate this hidden treasure, but it’s worth it once you’re in there.

9. Evans & Peel Detective Agency

Evans & Peel Detective Agency

This bar offers a great night out for those looking for something really secretive. It’s a true speakeasy and looks and feels very hidden. Once you're there, you really do feel covered by the dark, brooding interior and whether you’re having a pint or a cocktail, you’ll definitely have a unique experience.

10. Cahoots


Once you’ve met the train guard at the door, you’ll be lead to the cocktail bar which is scattered with vintage posters and images creating a wartime bar setting. Tourists love this spot and it’s recommended to book in advance to get the full retro experience.

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