Wignac Cidre Blanc, Le Lievre, 330 ml Naturel

Wignac Cidre Blanc, Le Lievre, 330 ml Naturel

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We cannot recommend this enough. Even the Cider doubters in the office have had their heads turned by Wignac's range of French Ciders. The clarity of flavour is just brilliant – no doubt helped by the fact that it's 100% pure apple juice cider coming from a vast number of different varieties of cider apples 35% of which are eating apples.This is a unique cider with a unique recipe - 100% natural, no added sugar and naturally gluten free. Made of pure fruit juice and no sulphites. Read more.

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    Once a land full of apple orchards and other fruits, the Ardennes region today is woodland and agricultural fields. Since the Second World War it has suffered from rural exodus. The aim at Wignac is to revive the orchards and bring back the cider tradition in the region.

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    Refined, refreshing and elegant. In a word, brilliant

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