Walt Pinot Noir, 75 cl

Walt Pinot Noir, 75 cl

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    The Pfalz is the second largest vineyard area in Germany with just over 23,500ha under vine. Villa Wolf's vineyards lie in the foothills of the Haardt Mountains, just North East of the border with Alsace. The vineyards share a similar micro-climate to their French neighbours as they lie in the rain shadow of the same mountain range. Summers are invariable warm and dry, the warmer weather and gently rolling landscape means the grapes are often picked 2 or 3 weeks earlier than in the northerly valleys of the Mosel and the Nahe. Soils are predominantly sandy loam in places of a limestone bedrock

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    If you have yet to try a German Pinot Noir then I cannot think of a better place to start than here. Elegant and light - you will not be disappointed

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