Vollereaux Rose Champagne, 1.5 L

Vollereaux Rose Champagne, 1.5 L

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A magnum of Rose Champagne is perfect if you are celebrating with any more than 6 people. Read more.

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    Vollereaux Rose Champagne, 1.5 L


    The Champagne House of Vollereaux remains family owned just as it was just over 200 years ago when their vines were first planted and wines made. Based in the Marne Valley where all three Champagne grape varieties flourish, they have nurtured a growing reputation for their Vintage Champagnes in particular. 

    Tasting Notes

    This Champagne is 100% Pinot Noir so unusual for a Rose Champagne. In terms of taste this means even greater intensity of berried flavours and a richer feel. Given this is from a magnum then intensity will only get better and better. 

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