Villa Ascenti Gin, 70 cl

Villa Ascenti Gin, 70 cl

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Villa Ascenti Gin screams "Italy" in size 56 font. And that font is probably bolded too... Anyway, yes, Villa Ascenti Gin comes to us via Distilleria Santa Vittoria and aims to celebrate the region's excellent ingredients. Produced in a refurbished 1970s Frilli copper pot still, it contains some terrific Piedmontese botanicals including Moscato grapes, mint and thyme, alongside Tuscan juniper berries, crafted by master distiller Lorenzo Rosso. Read more.


    This premium Italian gin from Villa Ascenti is made using a secret combination of locally-sourced botanicals, including Tuscan juniper berries, fresh mint, thyme and Moscato grapes. A light, aromatic spirit, Villa Ascenti gin is the perfect drink for summer – try using it in a classic G&T or Martini.

    Tasting Notes

    Bright juniper introduces a vibrant fruity quality to the spirit, bolstered by the subtle grape notes. Refreshing mint gives it a leafy edge.

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