Thomas Tipple Raspberry Bellini Premixed Can, 250 ml

Thomas Tipple Raspberry Bellini Premixed Can, 250 ml

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This humble Raspberry Bellini is a blend of fresh raspberries and our sparkling wine, as simple as that. Born in the Summer, our quintessentially British Raspberry Bellini will take you on a taste journey like no other. Read more.

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    Launched in London in 2019, Thomas Tipple is a premium brand of pre-mixed cocktails in a can (5% ABV). Our mission is to replicate bar trends using quality ingredients with a quirk on the side. For our inaugural range of drinks, we chose celebratory champagne inspired recipes of Raspberry Bellini and Passionfruit Mimosa. Made from sparkling wine, our delicious and refreshing drinks can be enjoyed wherever, be it during a picnic in the park or on a commuter train. Thomas Tipple strives to provide a light, yet special, indulgence, whatever the occasion or wherever the place.

    Tasting Notes

    Deep raspberry tones, rich in flavour with a crisp, clean aftertaste

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