The Tidal Rum, 70 cl

The Tidal Rum, 70 cl

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Bold and brilliant, The Tidal Rum is inspired by the tidal landscape of Jersey, created by a couple of driven Jersey boys, who took inspiration from their time growing up by the sea.

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    All the way from Jersey comes Tidal Rum, built from a blend of rums distilled in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic. Within this marvellous mixture the folks at Shorts Boy Distillery infuse some oak-smoked pepper dulse seaweed foraged from the tides of Jersey. This imparts layers of savoury, vegetal. subtly smoky elements to spirit - and the result is stunning. Goes wonderfully with soda water, cola, and can even replace whiskey in an Old Fashioned!

    Tasting Notes

    Warming spices with hints of cinnamon bark.

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