Razorwire Sweet Lemonade Energy Multipack, 24 x 500 ml

Razorwire Sweet Lemonade Energy Multipack, 24 x 500 ml

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So what's in Razorwire Energy Cans?THREE sources of caffeine to boost and stimulate energy levels helping you stay focused and alert.ADDED N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine this helps increase and produce key neurotransmitters like dopamine to support mood and cognitive health. We have also added L-THEANINE which have been shown in studies to increase mental focus. L-Theanine works with the caffeine to provide a sustained release of energy without the jitters. ADDED ELECTROLYTES With balanced electrolyte minerals that help keep the brain and body hydrated.MULTIVITAMIN BLEND A blend of essential vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C to aid general wellbeing and maintenance of the body’s immune system and B Vitamins to give energy. Read more.

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    ZERO Sugar ZERO Carbohydrates

    Naturally Flavoured 
    Lightly Carbonated to avoid bloating 
    Nootropic Benefits (Brain Memory)
    150mg of Caffeine
    Preservative Free
    ZERO Fat
    Added Vitamin C to Aid Immune Support
    Added Electrolytes to aid Hydration
    Vegan Friendly 
    Non GMO
    Worldwide Shipping
    Drug Free for eSports

    Tasting Notes

    Sweet Lemonade

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