BarCraft Rainbow Iridescent Studded Glass Cocktail Shaker

BarCraft Rainbow Iridescent Studded Glass Cocktail Shaker

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Stirred, shaken or strained? However you like it, create the perfect mixed drinks and cocktails whilst impressing guests at your next soiree, with this extravagant and on-trend rainbow-look Boston shaker. Made from stainless steel and glass coated in an luxurious sunset colour, with eye-catching stud detailing, this shaker is not only an essential addition to any home bar set-up, but it also an effortless fashion piece for the vibrant tropical trend that’s recolouring modern and traditional decors alike! Read more.

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    Open, prepare, chill, serve and store. A collection of six individual collections to satisfy a selection of drinking preferences and occasions. From wine connoisseurs to cocktail queens and chilled out beer buddies, Bar Craft has it all.

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