Quarter Gin, 70 cl

Quarter Gin, 70 cl

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Who said it had to be all or nothing?Quarter Gin; it’s just like Gin, just a Quarter of the strength. Pretty simple huh?We bring that London Dry Gin flavour at 12% Volume, and by adding a unique blend of botanicals and citrus through sweet Orange and grapefruit, we’ve created the most refreshingly light Gin you’ve ever tasted. At Quarter strength, you can have 4 Quarter&Tonics for the same value as 1 full strength Gin&Tonic. We deliver all the flavour, mouth feel, buzz and experience, just with a fraction of the alcohol. The game has changed. Read more.


    Our vision was to create a lighter version of a traditional London Dry Gin, but with our own little twist, with a fresh hint of citrus through sweet orange and grapefruit. It was definitely harder than we thought, as we ended up trialling and testing over 50 liquids until we found our perfect blend. We believe we have finally nailed the brief and we cannot wait for you to try it

    Tasting Notes

    Botanicals with sweet orange and grapefruit

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