Pinkster Pink Gin Christmas Cracker, 5 cl

Pinkster Pink Gin Christmas Cracker, 5 cl

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This Pinksters Christmas Cracker set contains one miniature 5cl bottle of the Pinksters exquisite Gin and a miniature Jar of the delightful Gin Jam and boxes this in a single Pinksters branded Christmas cracker! So Pink and Christmassy! Read more.

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    Pinkster Gin  was created in 2013 by Stephen Marsh when he approached  Charles Maxwell  to collaborate on another gin to add to the impressive portfolio at  Thames Distillers. This time, though, the gin would be made using raspberries as its signature  botanical,  though  juniper  – of course – would remain very present.

    Tasting Notes

    A Christmas cracker for the pink gin lover

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