Pink Edgerton Gin, 5 cl

Pink Edgerton Gin, 5 cl

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The new and improved version of Edgerton's popular Pink Gin. This contemporary pink gin is made with 15 different botanicals including pomegranate, and although it makes an eye-catching cocktail it truly shines in a gin & tonic. Read more.

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    Pink Edgerton Gin, 5 cl


    A new bottle and a new ABV for Edgerton London Pink Gin. The vibrant pink hue and crisp, citrus-forward flavour profile remains wonderfully intact. Edgerton is made in London using 15 botanicals, including classics like sweet orange peel, angelica and coriander, as well as intriguing Grains of Paradise and damiana.

    Tasting Notes

    Gorgeous Pink grapefruit

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