Phoenix Tears Rum, 50 cl

Phoenix Tears Rum, 50 cl

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Quickest way to make a legendary rum? Harvest the tears of a legendary beast and cmbine it with a base of Caribbean rum along with cinnamon & ginger! Shake the bottle and look at golden ember swirling through an opal cosmos of dark and mysterious rum - a real eye-catcher that tastes great with or without a filler. Leave your old life behind and get up again with Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum. Read more.

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    Since it’s creation in 1998 Firebox has been coming up with mad products that make us laugh (and pleasantly drunk). Using their closely-guarded extraction methods they harvest the tears of fantastical beasts to bring us premium mythical products!

    Tasting Notes

    Sparkling, magic & delicious!

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