Perrier Water Multipack, 24 x 330 ml

Perrier Water Multipack, 24 x 330 ml

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Perrier is a sparkling water sourced from a spring in the Gard district, in the French city of Vergze. The strength of the carbonation gives Perrier a unique mouthfeel, with the natural volcanic carbonation added to during the bottling process to account for gases lost during extraction. As such, Perrier could be described as Ôaggressively sparklingÕ. Read more.

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    Perrier is an iconic natural sparkling mineral water brand worldwide. Enjoyed in more than 140 countries, over 5 continents. A unique natural result of a series of several eruptions, mixing together rainwater and volcanic gas in the south of France. Perrier is the Earth's first soft drink.

    Tasting Notes

    Iconic, lightly sparkling water.

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