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Nudo Premium Non Alcoholic Spirit, 70 cl

Nudo Premium Non Alcoholic Spirit, 70 cl

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This premium non alcoholic spirit is a true flavour explosion and will guarantee an apero-moment without any guilt! (or limit for that matter).As you can see in the daring branding, there is a lot to discover in NUDO. A complex pallet of different sorts of spices, zests and flowers make sure this spice and citrus based n.a drink is worth your while!But of course the product itself wouldn’t mean anything without its use. This mixer can be used in lots of ways. As an alternative to Gin-Tonic it can be enjoyed with just a neutral tonic and a zest of lime. But it goes much further than just that. The mocktail world is at your feet, and we will keep you updated on all new recipes! Read more.

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    Zero ABV Variant of the famous juniper infused spirit drinks. Best Served with tonic like it's hard drink cousin. Made with no artificial colours or sugars. Infused with Rosemary, Bail and Juniper

    Tasting Notes

    Mocktail madness!

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