• Brand Nero drinks company
  • Size 70CL
  • ABV 40%
  • Closure Screw cap

Nero Premium Vodka, 70 cl

Nero Premium Vodka, 70 cl

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Distilled exclusively from British potatoes, Nero Vodka is named after the fifth Emperor of the Roman empire, whose full name was Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus. We particularly like the sound of it in a Vodka Sour, which the folks over at Nero like to call a Colosseum, which sounds way more badass.

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    Being made from potatoes instead of grains, the distinctive character resembles hints of vanilla with fragrant tones of citrus and almost no alcohol on the nose. The extra levels of sweetness from the potato starch in Nero’s scent set it apart from the heavy ethanol burden commonly present in grain vodkas.

    Tasting Notes

    Ultra smooth and velvety

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