Makers's Mark 46 Whiskey, 70 cl

Makers's Mark 46 Whiskey, 70 cl

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This was the first addition to the Maker's 46 brand and as far as firsts go they knocked it out of the park! Meant for lovers of spicier bourbons they used French oak staves with the stave profile of 46 (hence the name) to achieve an amazing palate of creamy spices.

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    When Bill Samuels the founder of Maker's Mark happened upon the career altering discovery of using winter wheat in the mash instead of the traditional distiller's rye when bourbons he set his company's whiskies apart was smoother and less bitter...and since then Maker's made all the difference.

    Tasting Notes

    Smooth, warm spices with a creamy vanilla undertone.

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