• Brand Anker
  • Country Russia
  • ABV 40%
  • Closure Screw cap

Legend Of Kremlin Vodka, 70 cl

Legend Of Kremlin Vodka, 70 cl

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Legend of Kremlin is distilled using local grains and soft water from nearby artesian wells and the refined distillate is reduced before bottling in special copper vats unique to the distillery.  The painstaking care and attention to detail that go into the making of this superior Russian vodka have been rewarded with no fewer than eighteen top awards in domestic and international spirits competitions since 2004.

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    Made in the traditional way in Russia, in Kalinigrad, next to the Baltic Sea, this vodka is inspired from the Kremlin monk Isidore who lived in the 15th century. Made from very pure water from an artesian well from the region and of 5% of the best wheat in Russia,

    Tasting Notes

    Notes of Vanilla and pepper

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