Kopparberg Passionfruit Premium Cider, 500 ml

Kopparberg Passionfruit Premium Cider, 500 ml

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Kopparberg blends bursts of passionfruit with its traditional apple cider to create a light exotic and refreshing Kopparberg Passionfruit. Read more.


    Originally built over 130 years ago the Kopparberg brewery the modern look to Kopparberg is almost entirely down to Peter and Dan-Anders Bronsman who re-opened the brewery in 1994. Their desire to re-establish both the brewery and its original recipes was put sorely to the test only a year later when the brewery was burnt down in a fire. It is to their credit that rather than seeing the fire as a set back the view was that this was more of an opportunity or rebirth. The brewery remains on its original site in the town of Kopparberg.

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    Light and exotic

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