Kakuzo Tea Infused Vodka, 70 cl

Kakuzo Tea Infused Vodka, 70 cl

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An evolution in spirits – achieving a level of subtlety and sophistication of flavour not tasted before in flavoured vodkas. This tea infusion has nuanced notes of malty sweetness. Botanical bitterness and citrus sharpness. Read more.


    This perfectly balanced spirit is created by steeping a specially selected blend of Organic tea in smooth triple-distilled rye vodka. The recipe is a combination of leaves from across Asia - fresh, aromatic, green Sencha from Japan; smoky, fruity, black Keemun from China; and malty, honeyed Assam from India - combined with natural bergamot and other citrus oils. In keeping with the elegant precision of a Japanese tea ceremony, the time and temperature of infusion is calibrated to produce a drink with remarkably complex but harmonious flavours.

    Tasting Notes

    Full bodied and aromatic

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