Evangelista Organic Limoncello, 50 cl

Evangelista Organic Limoncello, 50 cl

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Sun-ripened, cold pressed, organic Sicilan lemons deliver a completrely unique taste. Inital soft sweet tones compliment a perfectly balance zesty natural lemon flavour with just the right amount of acidity, leaving a lasting natural zing of lemon, which is not overly sweet Read more.

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    Evangelista Liquori is a family business, founded in 1907 in Borrello, a small mountain village in Abruzzo. During the long, cold winters Mayor Antonio Evangelista, who had a passion for alchemy, used to prepare a 'special drink' heated over an open fire which gave off a scent so intense and intoxicating it roused the town. Curiosity and demand grew, eventually spreading across the entire country. Evangelista's signature brand 'Punch Abruzzo' is the original recipe handed down through the family; however the modern day distillery now produces a range of exceptional liqueurs to continue his legacy.

    Tasting Notes

    A perfect balance of sweet and citrus notes.

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