Chocolate Hard Milkshake Liqueur, 50 cl

Chocolate Hard Milkshake Liqueur, 50 cl

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Just one sip of our Chocolate Milkshake Liqueur and you're immediately transported to the red leather seats and neon-drenched interior of a classic American diner. That instant hit of sweetness, that smooth vanilla creaminess, that silky and moreish chocolate flavour, and now – an indulgent boozy twist!

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    Since it’s creation in 1998 Firebox has been coming up with mad products that make us laugh (and pleasantly drunk). Using their closely-guarded extraction methods they harvest the tears of fantastical beasts to bring us premium mythical products!

    Tasting Notes

    Smooth, silky, creamy, chocolatey – my GOD it's good.

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