BrewDog Clockwork Tangerine Beer Can, 330 ml

BrewDog Clockwork Tangerine Beer Can, 330 ml

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This fully automated IPA is infused with tangerine. At 4.5% it’s a stand-out session beer that packs a perfectly timed delivery of juicy citrus and mellow tropical fruit resting on a light toasty and caramel base. Fresh, juicy and sessionable. Clockwork Tangerine - the Director’s cut for the twenty-first century.

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    Founded in 2007,  BrewDog  started with a mission to revolutionise beer drink and make other people as passionate about craft beer as they are. Within a few years,  BrewDog  became of the world's best-known craft breweries and fastest growing beverage brands, known for beers, bars and crowdfunding.

    Tasting Notes

    Bitter. Pithy. Tangerine.

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