Apostel Brau Lager Beer Keg, 5 L

Apostel Brau Lager Beer Keg, 5 L

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The best ingredients - various types of malt from their regional origins, sun-ripened wheat and the finest yeast - are brewed in elaborate and affectionate work according to the Bavarian purity law for the Apostel Premium Weissbier. They turn our Apostel Weissbier into a genuine premium product. Read more.

    Apostel Brau Lager Beer Keg, 5 L


    On Friday, October 3rd, 1679, the "Eichbaum Brewery" was born. However, this date refers to the Julian calendar. At that time it was still valid in the Electoral Palatinate, ruled by the Reformed Elector Karl Ludwig. Today the 1582 of Pope Gregory XIII is generally used. introduced chronology is used. In the 17th century, however, they only paid attention to Catholic rulers. In any case, according to the Gregorian calendar, it was already October 13th. Whatever the case, on that Friday the Mannheim council, headed by city director Heinrich Clignet, dealt with the request of the citizen Jean de Chaine to be allowed to run a brewery in his house in Q 5, 23-24.

    This is what it is all about on October 3, 1679 in Mannheim City Hall. And de Chaine is successful: The council grants him, as can be read in the council minutes (see below), "to hang a Schildt to the Aichbaum, ahn his dwelling in the Mauritzgaßen", today's Fressgasse.

    Tasting Notes

    Malt and sweetness dominate

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