5th Gin Water, 70 cl

5th Gin Water, 70 cl

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This Gin is made with the base of the 5th Gin Air but infused with Rose and Violet petals. The tastes that are prominent within this Gin are very Floral with hints of Juniper Berries and slight notes of Citrus. This Gin is full of a variety of flavors ranging from a sweet Pine flavor to a mild Pepper to a hint of Corriander. We think this gin is unusual but fantastic! Read more.

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    5th Gin marks Spain's triumphant entry into the family of gin-producing nations. This collection of exquisite spirits represent a quality rendition of all that's good about traditional gin, blended with innovation. These three individual gins, all available to purchase in the online shop here at Urban Drinks, are based on the classical elements of fire, water, and earth. All three are high quality spirits with the classic characteristics of traditional gin, livened up in each case by a memorably inventive taste profile.

    Tasting Notes

    A spicy and floral gin with drying juniper and citrus.

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