24 Ice Pornstar Martini Frozen Premixed Cocktail Multipack, 5 x 65 ml

24 Ice Pornstar Martini Frozen Premixed Cocktail Multipack, 5 x 65 ml

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The refreshing Frozen Cocktails are poptails in all kinds of colours and flavours. One of these colourful flavours is the classic Mojito ICE.The Mojito is one of Cuba’s oldest cocktails. Nowadays, the Mojito is the most refreshing thirst quencher in the nightlife, which is now also available in the form of cocktail ice cream. The original Cuban cocktail consists of 5 basic ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, carbonated water and mint.How does it taste?The Mojito ICE has the original Mojito flavour. Enjoy this refreshing summer cocktail with the recognizable taste of mint.How does it work?Place the liquid products in the freezer (-18 °C) for 24 hours, et voilà, your Frozen Cocktails are ready to be served. Read more.

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    What is better than a refreshing Popsicle in the summer? But instead what if we made pop tails from real cocktails? And if we add 5% alcohol to that? Thus, in 2014, the idea of ​​the founders of 24 ICE arose to make the standard Popsicle a bit more “exciting”…

    The production of that kind of product turned out to be a bit more complicated than expected. Due to the low freezing point of alcohol, it was a huge challenge to make a liquid that can be frozen in an ordinary freezer (-18 ℃). We worked on the perfect recipes for an assortment with six different Frozen Cocktails, containing 5% alcohol, all in the deepest secrecy. The start of many colourful summers!

    In the meantime, 24 ICE has proven to be popular at festivals and events, where the pop tails are purchased frozen. The products are also available in liquid form via our webshop, in liquor stores, supermarkets and delicatessens, for anyone who wants to consume the Frozen Cocktails at home. The products are now available in 20 countries worldwide! Countries such as Ireland, Norway and Taiwan. The United States will be added soon!

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