Xavier Mourier

Syrah lovers, rejoice. With Chateau Xavier Mourier wines, we find ourselves in the thick of the Rhone Valley’s most prized vineyards. As is often the way in historic regions like this, the current head of the chateau, Xavier himself, is by no means the first in the family line to diligently turn his hand to the vine and to the cellar. Generation after generation before him, dating all the way back to 1870, toiled on the steep, mineral rich slopes of Cote Rotie, Condrieu, and St Josef.

The chateau’s goal has always been a noble one - to nurture the bold and brilliant Syrah grapes to fruition, ready to be harvested at the absolute peak of ripeness, when they are then crafted with artful ingenuity and respect for tradition, into the deeply satisfying, unctuous styles of wine that the world seems to desire with unending fervour. Buy online today and drink in the tastes and emotions of the Rhone.

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