Unlike most distilleries, who purchase their base spirit externally, Chase Distillery does it all from scratch. They’re the ones who make the famous Chase vodka, and Williams gin is their latest foray into the world of delicious craft gins. The gin-making process is a little different from what you might expect with a normal gin, because this one is made from forty-eight different rare apple varieties in the Chase orchard. The apples are fermented into cider, which is distilled into Naked Apple vodka, which is then infused with a variety of botanicals – a few of them a well-kept secret – and fresh water from the local spring. Voilà, we have the world’s most complicated gin.

Williams was awarded the silver medal at the 2014 San Francisco World Spirit awards, so you know all this effort with the apples really does pay off. This is a strikingly clear, zesty gin with apple and elderflower notes. Grab a bottle for yourself or treat someone you really like to the Williams Elegant Gin with Giftbox from our online shop. Just make sure you tell them all about those apples.

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