Wedding Champagne

Want to know how to choose the perfect wedding Champagne? The answer is to explore as many as you can until you find just the right one. Your choice of bubbles can add a special aura of celebration to the wedding toast and truly elevate any wedding reception.

To start, have a look at the classics. Timeless Champagne houses like Lanson or Moët & Chandon are instantly recognisable, having had centuries to hone their craft and find the perfect balance of flavours. To start with, try having a look at any Champagne on our site labelled ‘brut’. Brut Champagnes are extremely versatile. They are dry, but with just a hint of balancing sweetness to counter the natural acidity. To specifically accompany the cake, you could definitely try a ‘demi-sec’, which has a little more sugar and creaminess. Whatever your choice, The Bottle Club offers a quick, easy, and convenient way to buy your Champagne online now, ready to enjoy on the special day.

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