Villa Antinori

Villa Antinori have been making fine Italian wines under the family name for a staggering twenty six generations, dating back to 1385. Originally from Florence, the Antinori name has become synonymous with the qualities of perseverance, quality, innovation, and success. Throughout the centuries they’ve acquired exceptional winemaking estates, bringing them under the family wing. Today Antinori operate estates in many of the best winemaking locations in Tuscany, including the mighty Montalcino, esteemed Chianti, and the coastal Bolgheri region.

It’s no secret that there isn’t exactly a shortage of great wines from Tuscany, and those under the Antinori name are right up there with the best. Being such an established family business, their wines are famously able to deliver a level of value for money that is truly exceptional. Shop the range now in our online shop and treat yourself to these delightful and historic wines, without breaking the bank.

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