Like a significant number of Scotch whisky distilleries, the Highland home of Teaninich is more than two-hundred years old. Originally founded by Captain Hugh Munro of Teaninich Castle, the distillery was later leased to external distillers, but the distilling legacy of the Munro family was kept intact. One of its many unique quirks is that it uses a filter press to get the sugar out of the malt instead of a traditional mash tun. This affects the speed of the distillation and produces a clean and grassy whisky which is both accessible and mild.
Teaninich is an innovative, tech-forward distillery that does a lot of work for other distilleries – this means they’re own capacity for making whisky is limited, and whenever they put something new on the market, whisky enthusiasts perk up. The gem of our Teaninich collection here at the Bottle Club is their 17 Year Old Whisky, a sweet and zesty affair that pairs wonderfully with Asian cuisine. Buy a bottle online here – they often sell out and it might be a while before there’s another release.

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