Sir Robin of Locksley

From humble beginnings, Sir Robin of Locksley Artisan Gin has risen to its rightful place in the modern UK gin scene. Founder John Cherry has an unflinching determination to produce the best gin possible, and, inspired by his hero Robin Hood, to make the process as fair and equitable as possible. Sir Robin of Locksley Gin uses locally sourced grain to distil its high quality base-spirit, which is then infused with Fairtrade and organic aromatic ingredients.

Incredibly, John began mastering the art of gin making in his mother’s attic, some eight years ago. Today, you can pay a visit to the Sir Robin of Locksley Distillery, which proudly occupies the spectacular Portland Works building in the heart of Sheffield, a Grade II listed building. The gin itself - available to buy for a great price from our online shop - is bursting with pink grapefruit, pronounced juniper, cassia, and dandelion notes, making it incredibly diverse, as well as hugely enjoyable to sip neat. All for one, and one for all.

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