Navy Island

Navy Island Jamaican Rum is a true taste of the Caribbean. Produced on the lush shores of Navy Island itself - just off Port Antonio - these traditionally crafted dark rums are 100% distilled in Pot Stills to this day, before undergoing barrel-ageing in oak. This process results in two beautiful aged rums; XO Reserve and Navy Strength, that transport drinkers to idyllic scenes, on the verdant inlands and tropical beaches of the Caribbean.

Navy Island rums carry that characteristic Jamaican nose of sweet funk and plenty of oak spice, yet despite this intensity manage to remain balanced and harmonious. No mean feat, and one that puts Navy Island up near the top of the tree when it comes to quality focused Jamaican aged rum. Ease your way through our online shop, and pick up a bottle of Navy Island, either for satisfying sipping neat, or for bringing some island magic to your favourite dark rum cocktail.

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