Monkey 47

Monkey 47 is a Schwarzwald Dry Gin – bet you haven’t heard that one before. Made in the Black Forest region of Germany, this unique gin features a grand total of forty-seven ingredients, hence the name. Oh ,and it’s also bottled at a hefty 47% abv. This gin has received a lot of international acclaim, putting Schwartzwald firmly on the gin map. The ‘Monkey’ part of the name comes from the story of a British Air Force commander who helped rebuild the Berlin Zoo after the war, which included sponsoring a monkey and later opening his own gin haunt called ‘The Wild Monkey’

Monkey 47 founder Alex Stein was inspired by the story and the original recipe, creating unique gin flavours with the addition of regional botanicals like lingonberries, cranberries, and spruce. Aside from their famous Monkey 47 Dry Gin, the Bottle Club also offers their Sloe gin, which is a bit more peppery and tangy. It’s time to drink outside the box and order a bottle of Monkey 47 from our online shop.