Mike's Hard Seltzer

The story of Mike's delicious bevvies started in the late nineties in Canada, when a man tried mixing lemonade with vodka, and putting them in a can for easy access and distribution. The hard lemonade was a near-instant success in Canada and worldwide. Eventually, Mike’s moved on to create a new range of hard seltzers with a dash of fruit – which is what we have on offer right here at The Bottle Club.

Mike’s Hard Seltzers are made with sparkling water, real-fruit extracts, and no added sugars. This makes them a little less sweet, bringing out maximum natural fruit flavours,unmuted by sugar. If you’re new to the hard seltzer craze, Mike’s Hard Seltzers are a great place to start. The subtle zinginess of the lime, lemon, or a hit of freshly-picked raspberry make them incredibly refreshing. They’re also low-calorie and low-ABV, so they’re perfect for any occasion. So buy yourself a single, a trio, or a multipack of Mike’s Hard Seltzers online today.

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