Martin Miller's Gin

Martin Miller was an innovator, a seeker of adventures, and a Great British eccentric. While Martin himself is sadly no longer with us, what he left behind is a legacy brimming over with these inspiring qualities. And what of the gin itself? Well, it came about as the solution to a very specific problem: Martin and his friends were no strangers to the pubs and bars of the UK, yet wherever they went in the late 90’s, the gin on offer was simply awful. Ever the intrepid spirit, Martin set out to do something about it. He assembled the most talented distillers, the finest botanical ingredients, the best base spirit, and, most importantly, the purest Icelandic H20 they could get their hands on.

The result is a multi award winning range of gins that have consistently wowed critics and punters over the past fifteen years. Don’t take their word for it though, head to our online shop now and try this unique product for yourself.

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