Kent Cider

What makes Kent Cider so special, you ask? Well, it’s a matter of heritage. Kent has a longstanding cider-making tradition that goes back centuries. Early maps show a ‘pomarium’ in Canterbury as early as 1165, and it was these monastic orchards that spread the culture of making cider to the rest of the United Kingdom.

Kent is the UK’s number one apple-growing region, with a perfect climate and rich soil for orchards to flourish. The proximity to London, a city perpetually thirsty for some fine cider helps too. Dessert and culinary apple varieties – so those you can eat and cook with – have always been the centre of production, unlike other regions that have focused on varieties developed purely for cider-making purposes. This gives Kentish Cider a white wine-like quality with fresh acidity, lighter colour, and a bright fruity character. At the moment, Kentish cider is on the rise, and new producers are proudly entering the cider trade with both modern and traditional Kentish Ciders. Buy a few bottles online here and be transported to the Great British Countryside in a single sip.