If you haven’t tasted Goldshlager Swiss cinnamon schnapps before, get ready to fall in love. Oh, and if you’re in any doubt about the sincerity of that proposal, take a moment to consider that those are real 24 karat gold flakes floating majestically in this sweet, spicy, seductive liqueur.

The origin of this style of bejewelled beverage is shrouded in mystery and folklore,but we like to do our homework here at The Bottle Club,so let’s take a second to unpack the bedazzling phenomenon. The inspiration for Goldschlager comes from a much older German drink called Goldwasser, which dates from 1606 and was beloved by tzars Peter and Katherine The Great. Not shy of a little extravagance, it’s easy to see why they enjoyed the flecks of gold shimmering in their beverages for all to see. Goldwasser plodded along unchallenged, although without much commercial success, until 1990 when Goldschalger hit the market and overtook its German predecessor. Today your little hit of ostentation, luxury, and extravagance won’t cost you the world when you score your Goldschlager from our online shop.

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