Gin & Collins Glasses

It’s important to put your best foot forward when you’re showcasing your cocktail creations. Choosing the right glass can be just as tricky as picking the right garnish – so it’s good to always have a few Gin & Collins glasses knocking about. Sometimes referred to as ‘copa de balon’, Gin glasses are designed to be the perfect vessel for G&Ts. The inward-curved edge centres the flavours, which means that you won’t be missing out on any of the effervescence from the tonic, or the botanical aromas from the gin.

A Collins glass is an entirely different beast. It’s similar to a normal highball, but narrower and taller. The reason it’s shaped like that is because it’s used for drinks with a lot of mixer and ice, and the tall nature of the glass keeps the cocktail cooler for longer. No matter what cocktails you’re mixing, the Bottle Club has your back. Take your pick from our Gin & Collins Glass selection in our online store and get them delivered right to your doorstep.