Cornish Cider

The history of Cider Making in Cornwall stretches back thousands of years to Roman times, when the Romans brought the mighty apple there for the first time. The Romans loved wine, but the climate in Cornwall is a little too bracing for delicate grape vines. Hardy apple orchards solved the problem. Green and red little jewels of flavour, fermented into tart-sweet Cider became a staple of the nation’s diet from then on. The Normans later provided some upgrades to the cider making techniques used in Cornwall, and by the 18th Century, the beverage was so popular that many farmers received part of their payment in Cider.

Cider today forms an inextricable part of Cornish Culture, with more award winning cider pubs than any other UK region, and dozens of gloriously named local apple varieties paying testament to the fact. Grab yourself a bottle or two in our online shop today and unlock the pleasure of this historic Cider region.

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