Will I Get More Booze If I Order My Drink Without Ice?

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Will-I-Get-More-Booze-If-I-Order-My-Drink-Without-Ice The Bottle Club

We all hate to be shortchanged when ordering drinks at a bar, sometimes it can feel the majority of your drink is ice! Which leads to the age-old question -

will I get more booze if I order my drink without ice? I mean, it seems like a logical solution right? Less ice surely means the bartender will slip you more booze right?

So will you really get more booze if I order my drink without ice?

Sorry to disappoint… this handy little ‘hack’ isn’t going to get you alcohol - we hate being the bearers of bad news but it’s important to put this myth to bed!
Most bartenders are all too familiar with this request, the reality is that they will either add more mixer or provide the usual pour, without adding more to make up
for the lack of ice.

Do bartenders use a lot of ice to rip off their customers?

It might seem like the large quantity of ice is used to ensure the customer gets less liquid and therefore has to buy more drinks but that just isn't the case!

The answer to why ice is used is simple - to cool things down. Now we don’t know about you but there’s nothing worse than a lukewarm drink! Large ice cubes are
used because they melt slower than smaller ice cubes - which allows for a slower dilution - so whilst it might seem like a lot in the glass - they're actually doing you
a favour - smaller ice cubes might seem like a better deal but really your drink is just going to end up watered down quicker!

So in conclusion - ice is important and you’re not getting ripped off.
By all means, ask for your drink without ice - but don’t expect to be getting any more booze to make up for it!