The Ultimate Guide To Rosé

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The-Ultimate-Guide-To-Rosé The Bottle Club

Move over White Wine, Rosé is having a moment! Sales of Rosé wine in 2017 grew by a massive 53% whilst wine as a whole only grew by 4%! Rosé is the new go-to drink, wherever you look everything’s coming up Rosé! But with its rise in popularity how much do you actually, know about the pink stuff?

So what is Rosé wine?

Rosé isn’t made in the same way whites and reds are, there are no pink grapes. Instead, Rosé is made from the same grapes as reds, The wine gets its colour from contact with the skins, the longer the skins and juices soak the darker the colour meaning that rosé has a massive range of colours from golden copper to magenta.

What are the styles of Rosé?

Rosé is so much more than just that dangerously drinkable wine that comes out every summer. There are a range of styles perfect for every occasion

Fruity: Look for wine made from grenache, pinot noir, or Sangiovese grapes for bottles with a fruity flavour. Rosés from Provence fit this category, fruity wines can either be sweet or dry, making it your ideal day drinking wine.

Savoury: Look for a bottle made from the Syrah grape—with a darker colour and a bolder flavour they make the perfect accompaniment to red meat.

Sweet: The go-to Rosé. Look for Zinfandel grapes, which lend the wine it’s sweet taste, often bringing flavours of berries, citrus, or melon.

Floral: The south of France produces wines made from Mourvèdre: they have a good balance of fruit and herbal notes. They present with a pale pink colour.

Our top picks so you can Rosé all day:

Whispering Angel

Caves d’Esclans is the brightest new star of the Côtes de Provence, widely considered to be one of the best rosés in the world! The palest of pale pinks, this delicate rosé offers a core of pretty stone fruit with some herbal notes. The palate is dry but smooth-textured, with an appetising mineral finish. A sublime blend of Grenache, Cinsault. Syrah Vermentino and Carignan            

Isla Negra Cab Sauvignon Rose

Isla Negra is a division of the Cono Sur Vineyards created in 1995. Spanish for ‘Black Island’ the village lies on the country’s coast, south of Santiago. The wine is actually a blend of 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Syrah. Bright pink in colour with blush and violet hues. Very intense aroma with red fruits, cherries and fresh berries. Refreshing palate and soft with a nice balance. Enjoy as an aperitif or accompanying desserts such as fruits or cakes.

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé

Founded in 1756, in the Pfalz region of Germany, the J.L. Wolf estate (now called Villa Wolf) was a successful and highly regarded winery for more than two centuries. It entered an especially glamorous era with the construction of its Italianate estate house and villa in 1843. Light and refreshing, with deliciously bright berry and fruit flavours and a clean, zippy finish. It’s perfect for holiday meals, especially when ham is involved.

Maison Williams Chase Rosé

The Chase team purchased Chateau Constantin in 2012 and so is still a relatively new addition to the World of Chase. The Maison Williams Chase Rosé is a beautiful pale shade of pink. Bone dry, the wine boasts affluent stone fruit aromas of peaches and apricots, followed by a refreshing note of grapefruit alongside a backdrop of savoury Provençal herbs. A moreish creamy texture sits in harmony with a steely minerality working towards a long, mouth-watering, lingering finish.