The Most Seductive Cities Around The World

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The-Most-Seductive-Cities-Around-The-World The Bottle Club

Experts at The Bottle Club have explored the cities around the world to determine the destinations that radiate sexual energy, serve up sensual menus and allow you to indulge in your deepest, darkest desires. 

So, whether it’s an erotic retreat across the globe or a local speed dating event to find your next fling, a summer of seduction is bound to be on the cards when visiting one of these cities. 

Mapped: The World's Most Seductive Cities 

From strip clubs to freaky fetishes, large populations making money on OnlyFans, and restaurants serving up aphrodisiacs to set an alluring mood, these are the most seductive cities in the world to get in touch with your flirtatious side. 

A world map and a table showing which cities were ranked as the most seductive. The table looks at a number of factors including fetish website sign-ups, sex events, strip clubs, the number of people making money on OnlyFans and one-hour hotels.

Get ready to book a one-way ticket to the world's sauciest city, as taking top spot is the UK’s capital, London, with a fiery score of 72.2 out of 80. With 167,197 people signed up to fetish sites, 131 sex events across the city and over 10,000 people in the city making money on OnlyFans, it’s no surprise that the cosmopolitan hotspot is off the seductive scale.

The raunchy city of Las Vegas, better known as ‘Sin City’, follows closely behind in second place, with a score of 67.6 out of 80. Home to 115 strip clubs and 88 sex events, the famous city of sin is the perfect place for you to indulge in your not-so-guilty pleasures.   

The ‘Big Apple’ finds itself in third spot as one of the world’s most seductive cities, as New York City scores an alluring 66.5 out of 80. The vibrant city boasts 118 one-hour hotels for when the mood strikes, 200,698 kinky people exploring their fetishes online and 10,000 people self-employed on OnlyFans. 

What may come as a surprise is the world's very own city of romance, Paris, hasn’t scraped the top three. Well, word has it that it’s strictly forbidden to play chess during sex in France, so maybe that’s it. The city does, however, boast the highest number of one hour hotels in the globe, and few things scream more seductive than some private time shut away from the capital's streets.

It’s bad news however for Copenhagen, Capetown and Brussels as these are the least seductive cities in the world. To be fair, this unfortunate title isn’t due to these cities being any less inspiring, they just happen to have been placed well and truly in our friend zone. 

Mapped: The World’s Most Sensual Menus   

Nothing awakens the senses quite like a fulfilling meal - especially when aphrodisiacs are on the menu - but which city around the world has the most restaurants serving an especially sensual menu?  

A table looking at the cities that rank the highest for having the most restaurants with oysters and/or champagne on the menu.

Few cities have seen as much romance as London, so it’s no surprise this capital takes the crown for the city with the world’s most sensual menus, with a near-perfect score of 19.7 out of 20. Equipped with 2,948 champagne bars like Galvin La Chapelle and Champagne + Fromage, and 1,650 restaurants serving the world's most popular aphrodisiacs such as oysters, it's the perfect spot to tantalise your tastebuds and turn up your desire. 

It comes as no surprise that the city of love, Paris, emerges as the second-best destination to enjoy a sensual spot of lunch. If you’re looking to enjoy two of the finest aphrodisiacs the city has to offer, you can choose from 4,158 champagne bars like French Paradox - Canard & Champagne and L'Extra Brut, and 849 restaurants serving oysters including Victoria station and Epicure.

New York comes in hot and steamy in third place as one of the best cities for enjoying a pleasurable dining experience, with a score of 19 out of 20. The city that never sleeps boasts 2,531 bars serving champagne including Per Se and Ocean Prime, and 2,451 restaurants with oysters on the menu like Mermaid Oyster Bar and Pearl Oyster Bar.

The World’s Kinkiest Cities 

Behind the tourist attractions and sights each city has to offer lies a culture of kinks and secret pleasures. But which city around the globe is the best place to give in to your fantasies? 

A visual ranking of cities based on how many kinks each place has. Kinks include the number of sex events, number of people on OnlyFans and the number of porn stars named after the city

Full of salacious historical spots and risqué events, London leads the way again as the kinkiest city in the world, with a seriously saucy score of 39 out of 40. The city, home to iconic landmarks like the Big Ben Clock Tower and Westminster Abbey, also has a kinky underbelly with 131 sex events, 10,000 content creators on OnlyFans, and 167,197 people signed up to fetish sites. England’s capital is also a popular name choice in the adult movie and photography industry, with 30 porn stars named after the city of London. 

Only just pipped to the post is the popular city of Las Vegas whose kink scale is a minxy 38 out of 40. The city famous for debauchery has 88 sex events on offer at a time, a large fetish community of 42,428, over 6k people working on OnlyFans, and 38 porn stars named after the city. There’s certainly no shortage of kinky hotspots in this town, and you know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. It’s called Sin City for a reason.

Germany’s capital, Berlin, lands itself in third place as one of the kinkiest cities in the world, with a score of 32.5 out of 40. Alongside its renowned nightlife, if you’re visiting Berlin you can let off some steam in more sensual ways, with 33,027 people on fetish sites, 244 sex events available and 914 content creators on OnlyFans. But despite making it into the top three kinkiest cities worldwide, only 3 porn stars have decided to name themselves after the popular city.

The least kinky city on the list was Oslo, Norway. With zero porn stars named after the city and less than 100 people on OnlyFans. So if risqué passion is your thing, get ready to book a flight somewhere else.

The Most Seductive Cities in the UK, Ranked

The UK is home to some of the most seductive cities in the world, where strip clubs, sex parties, swinging sites, and rooms to rent by the hour are all within easy reach. But with so many sensual destinations to choose from, which city ranks as the most raunchy?

A map and table ranking of the UK's most seductive cities. The ranking is based on a number of factors including number of strip clubs, sex parties, number of swingers, Google searches for 'sex', number of speed dating events, and searches for aphrodisiac food and drink.

Looks like smart is sexy wherever you are, as London recently ranked top of the smartest cities in the world. With a score of 98 out of 100, the raunchy capital is home to 16,144 registered swingers, 51 strip clubs and 128 sex parties, and for anyone looking for a room to rent by the hour, there are 27 hotels available to do so. 

The northern social hub, Manchester, emerges as the second most seductive city in the UK, with a fiery score of 88.8 out of 100. Its large swinging community has 7,544 members and there are currently 56 sex party events and 15 strip clubs to choose from. 

Flirting its way into the top three is the city of Birmingham, which scored 85 out of 100 on the seductivity scale. The major city in the West Midlands boasts 10 strip clubs, 27 sex party events and has 5,821 members registered to a swingers site. 

Give Bournemouth, York and Exeter a miss if you’re looking to be seduced, as these UK cities took place as the least saucy. 

The Top Cheating Cities in the UK 

The UK is a hotspot for promiscuity and affairs, with Brits betraying their other halves in a multitude of cities. So, if you’re looking for the best city to enjoy a secret fling, London, Birmingham and Nottingham emerge as the key cheating locations.

A map of the UK and a table showing the number of affairs taking place in 30 cities.

Based on figures from Illicit Encounters, The UK’s leading affairs site, which releases its infidelity index every year, we’ve scoped the top cheating hotspots - does your city make the list?

First on the list unsurprisingly due to its high number of one-hour hotels for rent and diverse range of sex parties to attend at any hour of the day, the lustful city of London takes the title as the top city for unfaithfulness with 168,322 of its 7,556,900 population having affairs. 

In second place as the city having the most indiscretions is Birmingham, with a sneaky 45,787 of its 984,333 having relations with people outside of their relationship. 

Climbing the ranks to third as the most adulterous city in the UK is Nottingham, with 28,719  people out of the city’s 729,977 population cheating on their partners. 

But it’s not all bad news for UK citizens, as Bournemouth, Huddersfield and Milton Keynes were found to be the UK’s most faithful locations with the lowest number of illicit affairs. 


Taking a seed list of the top 30 major cities worldwide, we will look into 10 different factors that make each city seductive.

These factors for the UK included; Number of Strip clubs, Number of people attending Sex Parties, Number of Sex searches, Number of Swingers, Aphrodisiac Interest, Aphrodisiac Drink Interest, Number of people having Affairs, Number of Restaurants that sell Champagne, Number of Speed Dating events, Number of Restaurants that sell Oysters.

These factors for Global included; Number of Strip Clubs, Number of Sex events, Number of Kinky people, Number of porn stars with City Name, Number of 1-hour Hotels, Number of people on Only fans in City, Number of Restaurants that sell Champagne, Number of Restaurants that sell Oysters.

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