Sophisticated, elegant and refreshing: Gin and Prosecco cocktail recipe ideas for your Summer 2018

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Sophisticated, elegant and refreshing: Gin and Prosecco cocktail recipe ideas for your Summer 2018

Gin has surpassed vodka to become the most widespread spirit in the UK, and with good reason – it’s simply delicious and surprisingly versatile. What’s wonderful is that special recipe gin is no longer just for Christmas or with tonic alone –  gin lovers are now demanding lighter, floral editions that are just perfect for the summer months.

And as for Prosecco: it’s easy to drink and light on the pocket!; the popularity of Prosecco is making movements in the world as you may have noticed in the rise of Instagram pictures with glasses of Prosecco!

Generally, Prosecco is expected to achieve a market share of around 40% globally by 2021 – so get ahead of the trend and learn to make many cocktails with it!

A Summer Cocktail With Two Friends: Gin and Prosecco

Drawn out sunny days and warm moonlit nights are perfect for sharing a tipple or two with a friend. We’ve created the perfect party punch, especially for those summery months, containing two key ingredients: Gin and of course, Prosecco. The subtle intricacy of the ingredients we recommend complement each other without being too overpowering.

How to make an Elderflower and Gin cocktail

Cocktail Name: “Elderflower Gin Fizz”

What is elderflower and why is it perfect for cocktails?

The fragrant elderflower makes delicious cordial, refreshing teas and unforgettable cocktails. Elderflowers bloom beautifully in the summer heat, with the whiteheads, and elegant stems. It’s easy to make a delicious cocktail using elderflower, the perfect way to capture summer in a glass!



  • Add 6 ice cubes, elderflower cordial and the shot of lemon juice
  • Add your 1-part Monkey 47 Gin and top up your glass with Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
  • No need to stir, take a sip right away!  

Prosecco is great on its own but benefits from the addition of other carefully chosen ingredients such as elderflower and lemon which are becoming popular. This cocktail recipe would be ideal for a party, picnic or a hot summer’s night - and the use of Prosecco gives it that all-important classy touch.

If you don’t want to use elderflower cordial mentioned in our recipe, you can always opt for our already elderflower-infused gin.

How To Make A Simple Peach Bellini

If elderflower isn’t tickling your fancy, try out this summery cocktail instead:

Cocktail Name: “Simple Gin & Peach Bellini”  

The original Bellini recipe came from Venice and was simply two parts Prosecco to one-part white peach puree often complemented with a hint of raspberry or cherry juice, which gave the drink a unique radiant pink hue.

Since then, the recipe has evolved, largely because white peaches weren’t accessible everywhere. We’ve devised a unique and simpler take on the classic peach Bellini - it’s worth giving it a shot and seeing just how simple it is. It literally takes a couple of minutes tops!



  • Line the bottom of your glass with crushed ice
  • Next, add in your 1-part Monkey 47 gin and 1-part Peach Schnapps
  • Top up your glass with Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
  • Stir and enjoy!

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