Love tiktok? Love booze? We need you!

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Love tiktok? Love booze? We need you!

Attention all Tiktok lovers! If you love creating unique and entertaining content on Tikok, and you also love a drink - I mean, who doesn’t - we have an amazing opportunity for you. 

The Bottle Club are looking for three fun, engaging content creators with a passion for good quality bevs to contribute to our TikTok and Instagram accounts, all while earning some great perks from us. If you fit one of these three descriptions, you could be the one for us! 

The creative drinker 

We’re looking for someone who likes to get creative with their drinking habits, and their content creation. Whether it’s cool, innovative cocktails or the newest and most imaginative craft beers, you’re always looking for new flavour sensations. Well, so are we! Submit your application today and show us your creation skills. 

The night out expert

If drinking for fun, and for a good price, is more your speed, we need you too! We’re also looking for a youthful and bubbly presence who's a sucker for a good cocktail and novelty flavours. 

The luxe maestro 

A fan of the best of the best? Show us your expertise! Whether it’s beer, wine or spirit, if you’re always looking for the highest quality and totally know your stuff, you could be a perfect fit for us. Apply today for the chance to share your knowledge! 

How it works 

Each of our creators will be asked for around 4 videos, one Instagram takeover and a few snaps per month, based on a few briefs or products we will provide you with. Not only will we gift you £250 worth of our hottest products of the month of our choosing, we will also provide a £100 voucher to spend freely on our site every single month. You heard that right - £100 to spend on any The Bottle Club drinks you choose. Sounds like heaven to us! 

To apply, all you gotta do is post a Tiktok video you think is gonna WOW us! Don’t forget to tag us on TikTok @thebottleclub so we can see it!