How To Pair Halloween Sweets and Wine!

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How To Pair Halloween Sweets and Wine!

Halloween might seem a little less exciting now that we’re adults, once upon a time we were counting down until the all those sweet treats came rolling in
(who are we kidding we still binge at Halloween) Whether by choice or not Halloween sweets are  inescapable this time of year, I mean how can you resist
those cute miniature chocolate bars or little bags of Haribo? Well to help justify your favourite seasonal treats, and make you feel a little more grown up when
your sat with a bag of strawberry laces we’ve put a grown-up spin on how to enjoy them - pair those Halloween sweets with wine!

We’ve compiled a wine-pairing guide for surviving the nostalgia that is Halloween - but in a more sophisticated way
(yes we’re just gonna tell ourselves that this is fancy)

Haribo and Pinot Grigio

Haribo are bright and fruity, making them the perfect match for a glass of pinot grigio.

The two flavours match up nicely leaving a light and refreshing aftertaste!

Strawberry Laces and Rosé

A strawberry lace deserves something fruity which is why we suggest a rosé,

The high acidity helps ease the chewiness of the strawberry laces whilst keeping
for a light and refreshing finish!

Popping Candy and Prosecco

This might seem like an unusual (and potentially scary) match but this makes for a really fun combo,

the two work together to foam up (yes maybe we’re feeling a little childish)
although use caution as too much and you’ll regret it!

Kit Kat and Pinot Noir

Who doesn't love a cheeky Kit Kat at Halloween (or any other time really) we recommend

pairing Pinot Noir with this chocolate bar. Pinot Noir as a generalisation tends
to carry a red fruit quality- which works well with the milk chocolate and wafer
allowing for a berry-like finish when paired together!

Cadbury Milk Chocolate and Syrah

 When looking to pair wine with a classic milk chocolate bar you want to

find a powerful but light wine. Syrah is just the ticket - typically having a black pepper
and black fruit flavour profile it's a willing companion to milk chocolate.

Snickers and Champagne

How can you resist a mini snickers bar at Halloween? With flavours of nougat,

chocolate caramel and nuts this is the ultimate Halloween treat. The perfect
match is champagne, the bubbly acidity will help cut through the rich textures and
the fruitiness will complement the caramel

M&Ms and Port

M&Ms  are a Halloween classic, but what’s best to pair with them?

Well, Port’s dark but sweet dried fruit character is a great match for the milk
chocolate in M&Ms.The hard shell compliments the velvety texture of the port.