How To Get Rid of Wine Stains

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How To Get Rid of Wine Stains

Picture the scene, a candlelit dinner, a glass of wine and great company, what could be better? Unfortunately, nothing can kill the mood faster than a spilt glass of wine and an unsightly red stain,  and whilst it might sometimes seem easier to avoid the rose or red wine, why let that ruin your moments of indulgence after all Rose and red wines set the mood for any romantic evening.

Worry not though. That stained white shirt doesn’t need to be destined for the bin, there are several simple and effective ways to remove those pesky wine stains from your favourite item of clothing. Here are our top tips so you are no longer on edge when drinking a glass of the good stuff.

Step 1 – Strip off

Now, this might be appropriate with your loved one, but we’d maybe advice you don’t just strip at the table on the first date or at a dinner party, so find somewhere appropriate to remove the item in question. Not because we want you to spend the evening undressed but because it’s pretty difficult to get a stain out whilst wearing said item, but hey if you want to to try and get your leg under the sink tap to remove that wine stain on your trousers go for it!

Step 2 – Blot, don’t rub

Grab a damp cloth and DAB any excess wine off the affected area. Don’t rub the stain you’ll only set it and make it much harder to remove!

Step 3 –  Grab the Salt

Rush to sprinkle that stain with salt like you’re having a Salt Bae moment. The sooner you cover it in salt the better the outcome. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes to allow the salt to absorb up that pesky wine that threw itself over you (because it obviously wasn’t your clumsiness or the fact you’ve had a tad too much to drink)

Step 4 – Add boiling water

If you’re too drunk to be trusted with boiling water right now find someone to help. Slowly pour the water over the stain from a height (a height of 10 or so inches so the water has some force) to help flush out the stain.

Step 6 - Machine-wash

Chuck that red stained item in the machine Machine-wash as directed on the care label.

Not realised you’ve spilt some wine over yourself? Grab the vodka!

If you’ve managed to get a stain and it goes unnoticed (question how much you’ve been drinking and check everything from clothing to carpets for stains as you were clearly not in a great state) it’s time to grab the vodka. Strong alcohol can help clear the stain, pour over the affected area and blot.

Failing that or you seem to encounter more stains than normal, you may want to consider just drinking white wine or just ignoring the stain altogether after all you’re probably drunk and having too good of a time to be worrying about a silly stain.