How drinking red wine can help with weight loss

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How drinking red wine can help with weight loss

Everyone loves a cheeky glass of red wine from time to time, but did you know that it can actually be good for you? Drinking alcohol isn’t something you usually hear as a weight loss hack - in fact, it’s normally the opposite!

However, numerous studies have shown that there are some great benefits to drinking red wine, that include aiding weight loss. We’re counting down the top health benefits of red wine, and finding out how it can help with weight loss so that you needn’t feel guilty for indulging in a glass of red ever again!

The Health Benefits Of Red Wine

The health benefits of drinking red wine are varied and hotly disputed. However, here’s a rundown of the top health benefits that are associated with drinking a glass of red:

  • Helps reduce the risk of stroke

According to a Canadian study, indulging in a glass of red can actually ward off strokes by helping to thin the blood. Whilst all alcohol has this effect, red wine, in particular, contains phenols that thin the blood and help reduce the risk of a stroke (when consumed in moderation).

  • Aids heart health

According to studies, red wine boosts blood flow and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Of course, drinking too much has the opposite effect and increases the risk of heart incidents, but a glass of red is thought to aid heart health.

  • Boosts immunity 

We’re not suggesting that red wine is the cure for your cold, but according to a University of Texas study, drinking a glass of red wine can boost immunity and protect against the effects of an unbalanced diet.

How Does Red Wine Help With Weight Loss?

One of the lesser known benefits of enjoying a glass of red is its ability to aid weight loss. According to the Texas University study, red wine can inhibit the effects of obesity that are caused by an unbalanced diet.

According to the study, the secret ingredient in red wine that helps to aid weight loss is resveratrol. In the study, they fed mice a high-fat diet and gave one set a dose of resveratrol and one a placebo. They found that the mice who were given the resveratrol (which is found in red wine) gained less weight over 21 days than those without the ingredient.

So, if you’re looking for a tipple that may help you fight against weight gain then a glass of red could do the trick.

Which Red Wine Is Best For Weight Loss?

Red wine, in general, is thought to be good for weight loss, as nearly all red wine contains resveratrol which can be found in the grape skin.

However, if you really want to boost your chances of keeping weight off with red wine, then wines like Malbec and Pinot Noir have the highest amount of resveratrol due to their thick skin. 

That’s not the only benefit of resveratrol either. According to multiple reports, resveratrol helps to fight against free radicals that are toxic to the skin. In fighting off these free radicals, red wine may help to increase collagen production and reduce the effects of ageing too! 

Should I Drink Red Wine For Weight Loss?

Whilst it’s important to remember that these studies are based on moderate consumption of alcohol - one or two glasses at the maximum - drinking a glass of red wine undoubtedly has its benefits. 

Why not give red wine a go, and see if you notice any benefits? Alternatively, if you’re interested in learning more about wine, find out the answers to the top questions people are too embarrassed to ask.